Darkness & Shadows Halloween Ghost Tour

By Cascade Geographic Society, Inc. (other events)

27 Dates Through Nov 07, 2015

It’s dark and spooky, and it’s an opportunity for participants to take an excursion into the Shanghai Tunnels.  This nearly two-hour tour begins at the Museum of the Shanghai Tunnels, 213 Northwest Couch Street, in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown.

This tour is filled with the history of the Portland Underground and laced with a more than healthy dose of spirits, making this the perfect, eerie haunted tour for the Halloween season.  Experience first-hand why the Shanghai Tunnels are considered to be the "Tenth Most Haunted Place in North America" (not to mention the “Number One Most Haunted Place in Portland, Oregon). 

 Participants who are serious about both history and the lingering spirits  will be guided into a portion of that infamous historical underground network that was once used for the shanghaiing of men.  The victims were drugged, dropped through trapdoors in saloons, or even beaten and made vulnerable in a variety of ways in order to get them down into the Shanghai Tunnels, where they were secretly locked up in underground holding cells, and later sold to sea captains who forced these victims to work aboard their ships like slaves.  Also, women were snatched off the streets, held underground, and later sold into white slavery, where they generally disappeared forever.  It should be no surprise that since those infamous days, reportedly the spirits of those who died and those who did the victimizing still haunt every site at which this tour takes place.

A brief above-ground orientation will take place in the Museum of the Shanghai Tunnels, followed by going down to haunted underground sections that will allow you to see remnants of Portland's past that were hidden for decades.  This is a whole new area where participants can actually venture through secret corridors, wander into a narrow tunnel leading to an underground rescue mission, a “speakeasy” saloon, and an underground boxing/fight club area; all of this before venturing into more sections where you will see where Wobbly organizers held their labor organizing meetings in the supposed safety of what lay beneath the streets, along with a gambling parlour, opium den, and wash house, as well as holding cells for those unfortunates who found themselves in the horrible predicament of being cast into the darkness and shadows of Underground Portland.  

This tour will give you more history and more stories about the paranormal, which makes this the perfect ghostly excursion as you venture into the darkness and shadows of the Rose City's eerie yesteryear.  History and earth-bound spirits make a great combination for a memorable Halloween season.

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